How to Wash Silk Scrunchies: A Step-by-Step Guide

Silk scrunchies are having a major fashion moment right now. Their luxurious look and feel make them a favorite hair accessory.

But to keep silk scrunchies in tip-top shape, it’s important to wash them properly. Silk is a delicate fabric that requires gentle care.

In this article, I’ll provide a complete guide to washing silk scrunchies.

You’ll learn the best practices for cleaning them by hand or machine, drying them, and keeping them looking their best.

Follow these silk scrunchie washing tips, and you’ll be able to safely clean and maintain your silk hair ties.

silk scrunchie cleaning method

Can Silk Scrunchies Be Washed? Understanding Their Delicate Nature

Silk scrunchies can indeed be washed! But it’s important to keep in mind that silk is a very delicate fabric. It’s prone to damage from harsh laundry products and high heat.

  • Silk fibers can become dry, discolored, and prone to tearing if not cleaned gently.
  • The dyes used to color silk scrunchies can bleed or fade with improper washing.

So you’ll need to take special care when laundering your silk hair accessories. Check clothing labels for specific washing instructions.

If the label says “Dry Clean Only,” take them to a professional. If the label says the item is washable, follow my tips below for the safest DIY washing.

Preparing Silk Scrunchies for Washing Day

Before washing your silk scrunchies, take a few preparatory steps:

  • Remove any hair or debris. Give each scrunchie a quick brush or shake to dislodge any stray hairs or dirt. This prevents them from getting tangled or matted in the wash.
  • Check for stains. Inspect each scrunchie for stains. Spot-clean any stains with a silk-safe cleaner before washing to avoid setting them.
  • Consider hand-washing. Unless the care label specifies machine washing, I recommend hand-washing silk scrunchies. It’s the most gentle approach.

Once prepped, it’s time to wash following my hand-washing or machine-washing tips below.

silk scrunchie wash care

Hand-Washing Silk Scrunchies: A Safe, Gentle Process

Hand-washing is the gold standard care for delicate silk items like scrunchies. Follow these steps:

1. Fill a sink or basin with lukewarm water.

Avoid hot water, as this can damage silk. Lukewarm water helps loosen dirt and oils without risking damage.

filling basin with water

2. Add a small amount of mild, silk-safe detergent.

Look for detergents specially formulated for delicates like silk. These are free of dyes, fragrances, and other harsh chemicals that may harm silk.

Use about a teaspoon of detergent, which is sufficient for a basin of water.

I swear by Heritage Park Laundry Detergent (link to Amazon) for all my silk garments. It’s gentle, effective, and leaves the silk feeling wonderfully smooth and looking vibrant.

heritage park silk detergent silk clothes cleaning

3. Swish the scrunchies gently in the water.

Gently swirl the scrunchies in the water, allowing them to soak for 3-5 minutes. Swirl and swoosh them around – don’t scrub, twist, or wring.

silk hair tie wash instructions
silk scrunchie hand wash

4. Drain the dirty wash water.

This step is important to remove the dirty detergent water and prevent soils from being redeposited on the scrunchies.

basin water draining

5. Rinse until the water runs clear.

Rinse away all traces of detergent, which can leave residue on silk.

6. Drain and gently press out excess water.

Roll the scrunchies in a towel to blot moisture. Don’t wring or twist them when removing water.

silk scrunchie drying method
laying silk scrunchie to dry

7. Lay flat or hang to dry.

Air drying is best for silk. See the drying tips below.

silk hair tie air dry

And that’s it! With this gentle hand-washing method, your silk scrunchies will come out clean and refreshed.

Machine Washing Silk Scrunchies: Approaching with Caution

Can you machine-wash silk scrunchies? I recommend hand-washing whenever possible, but machine washing is an option if:

  • The care label specifically states the item is machine washable.
  • You use a delicates bag and the gentle/delicate cycle.
  • You’re washing with similar, silk-safe colors to prevent dye transfer.

If machine washing, take these precautions:

  • Wash on a cool/cold and delicate cycle. Hot water can damage silk fibers. The delicate cycle has slower agitation for fragile fabrics.
  • Use a detergent for delicates/silks. Harsh laundry detergents can fade dyes and damage silk fibers. A silk-safe detergent maintains softness, shape, and color.
  • Air dry only. Machine drying can irreparably damage silk scrunchies. Always air dry silks.

Understand how to wash a silk bonnet for hair protection and hygiene.

silk hair tie in mesh pouch
silk scrunchie mesh bag preserving

While machine washing with these precautions may be safe for some silk scrunchies, I strongly advise hand-washing instead whenever possible.

It eliminates the risks of mechanical damage.

Drying Silk Scrunchies: Keep Them Away from Direct Heat

Proper drying is also essential for maintaining the integrity of silk scrunchies. Here are a few do’s and don’ts:

  • DO air-dry silk scrunchies. Allow them to dry completely laying flat or hanging on a rack or hanger. Rotate their position occasionally for even drying.
  • DO NOT machine-dry silk scrunchies. The heat will damage the fibers.
  • AVOID direct sunlight when drying. Sunlight can fade dyes over time. Dry indoors or in the shade.
  • DO iron silk scrunchies, but only if needed. Use the cool setting and place a cloth between the iron and silk.

With air drying and limited heat exposure, your silk scrunchies will maintain their beautiful look and soft feel.

I’ve detailed the proper way to wash silk ties in this article, drawing from my own experience.

Maintaining the Beauty of Silk Scrunchies

Once you’ve washed your silk scrunchies, a little ongoing TLC will keep them in tip-top shape:

  • Store them neatly folded or hanging to prevent wrinkles and tangles.
  • For problem odors, spot clean with vodka or white vinegar mixed with water.
  • Use a fabric shaver tool to gently remove any pilling or fuzz.
  • Spot clean stains immediately to avoid setting in.
  • Wash silk scrunchies as needed, typically every 10-15 wears, depending on usage and level of soiling.
  • Check for frays or damage and discontinue use if any develop.
  • Consider using silk scrunchies for special occasions vs. daily wear to prolong their life.
silk hair scrunchie

What to Avoid When Prepping and Washing Silk Scrunchies

To recap, steer clear of these no-nos to prevent damaging your precious silk hair accessories:

  • Heat – from hot water, dryers, direct sunlight, ironing on high heat
  • Agitation – vigorous scrubbing, twisting, wringing
  • Harsh chemicals – bleach, fabric softener, harsh laundry detergents
  • Improper drying – drying in direct sunlight or on high heat
  • Putting through the washer/dryer if the item is “Dry Clean Only”

Avoiding these pitfalls in your washing, drying, and storage habits will help your silk scrunchies remain in great condition.

Troubleshooting: Dealing with Odors, Stains, and Other Mishaps

Uh oh, your favorite silk scrunchie is looking a little worse for wear? Not to worry – here are some troubleshooting tips.

How to Remove Odors from Silk Scrunchies

Silk is prone to absorbing odors. Try these remedies to remove bad scrunchie smells:

  • For mild odors, gently spot-clean the scrunchie with a solution of white vinegar and water, diluted in a ratio of 1:3.
  • If odors remain, hand wash with silk detergent using extra rinses to remove residue.
  • For severe odors that persist after washing, the source may be mold/mildew. Discard the scrunchie if the odor cannot be removed.
  • Prevent future odors by washing regularly, air drying thoroughly, and avoiding contact with potential irritants like perfume.
air drying silk scrunchie

Dealing with Dirty or Stained Silk Scrunchies

Stains happen! Here’s how to remove them:

  • Check care labels and wash stained scrunchies according to instructions. Prompt washing prevents many stains from setting.
  • Pre-treat tough stains with a diluted vinegar or detergent solution before washing.
  • For greasy stains, try spot cleaning with cornstarch or baby powder before washing. The absorbent powder lifts out oils.
  • Avoid bleach and aggressive stain removers, as these can damage silk fabrics.

With prompt attention, even stubborn stains on silk scrunchies should be released after gentle washing and air drying.

How Often Should You Wash Silk Scrunchies?

I recommend washing silk scrunchies every:

  • 2-3 wears if worn daily
  • 2-4 weeks if worn occasionally
  • Anytime they are dirty or smelly

For optimal longevity, limit washing to an as-needed basis. But don’t wait too long between washes, or soil and odors can set in.

Can I Use Fabric Softener When Washing Silk Scrunchies?

No, fabric softeners are not recommended for silk. The chemicals in fabric softener can leave residue on the silk that damages fibers over time. Stick to silk-safe detergents only.

wash routine for silk scrunchie

Is It Okay to Wash Dark and Light Colored Silk Scrunchies Together?

No, I recommend washing silk scrunchies of similar colors together to prevent dye transfer. Reds and other dark colors may bleed onto lighter silks if washed together.

Can I Wash Silk Scrunchies in My Regular Loads of Laundry?

Washing silk scrunchies with regular laundry is risky since the cycle agitation may be too harsh.

It’s better to hand-wash silks separately from everyday laundry using the gentle process I outlined above.


Silk scrunchies require a gentle approach to keep them looking and feeling luxurious.

By following my tips for washing, drying, storing, and maintaining silk hair accessories, you can safely clean them at home.

The keys I want you to remember are:

  • Always check garment labels and care for silk scrunchies accordingly
  • Hand-wash if possible using mild silk detergent
  • Machine wash only if the label specifies – use a delicates bag on cool, delicate cycle
  • Avoid heat and direct sunlight when drying
  • Store neatly folded or hanging
  • Spot clean stains and odors
  • Wash silk scrunchies regularly but not excessively
  • Discontinue use if damage like tears or frays develop

With this comprehensive advice for delicately caring for your silk scrunchies, you can keep them looking fabulous and prevent premature wear.

Your hair will stay on point with clean, bright silk scrunchies as your go-to accessory.

So take good care of your silk hair ties, and they’ll take good care of you and your style! If you have any other questions on silk scrunchie care, I’m always happy to help.

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