Does Mulberry Silk Wrinkle Easily? Care Tips and Insights

Mulberry silk, also known as Bombyx silk, is one of the highest quality silks available. It comes from the Bombyx mori silkworm which feeds exclusively on mulberry leaves.

I absolutely love the feel and drape of mulberry silk – it’s smooth, soft, and so elegant.

But the big question is: does mulberry silk wrinkle easily? As I would soon discover first-hand, mulberry silk is prone to wrinkling.

The key is learning the right care methods to minimize wrinkles. My goal with this article is to evaluate mulberry silk’s practicality for real life and provide plenty of care tips.

blue mulberry silk piece

Wrinkle Resistance of Mulberry Silk

Mulberry silk wrinkles easily compared to fabrics like cotton or polyester because of its natural properties.

The proteins in silk fibers allow them to bend and flex, which is what causes silk to wrinkle.

  • Mulberry silk is very lightweight and finer than other types of silk, meaning there is more space between the fibers for wrinkles to form.
  • The smooth surface of the fibers can slip against each other, creating creases.
  • Silk absorbs moisture easily which causes the fibers to shift and move.

So while the beauty of silk lies in its fluid drape, the same properties unfortunately also make it ultra prone to wrinkles.

black mulberry silk fabric bundle

Does Mulberry Silk Wrinkle Easily After Washing?

I found that mulberry silk is extremely prone to wrinkling during washing. The warm water causes the silk fibers to relax and loosen, allowing wrinkles to set in.

Here are my top tips for washing mulberry silk to limit wrinkles:

  • Handwash only in cool or lukewarm water
  • Use a gentle silk detergent
  • Don’t wring or twist silk to squeeze out water
  • Roll item in a towel to absorb moisture
  • Lay flat immediately after washing to dry

I highly recommend Heritage Park Laundry Detergent (link to Amazon) – it’s a silk-safe detergent that cleans effectively while preventing excess wrinkling.

heritage park silk detergent silk clothes cleaning

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Mulberry Silk

If your mulberry silk item is already wrinkled, don’t panic! Here is my step-by-step guide to removing wrinkles:


  • Fill garment steamer with distilled water
  • Steam silk item inside-out while hanging for 5-10 minutes
  • Keep steamer head 6 inches away to prevent water spots

Pro: Very effective at relaxing fibers and lifting wrinkles

Con: Time-consuming, risk of potential water damage

refreshing silk tie with steam


  • Place silk item between two clean cotton cloths
  • Set iron to “silk” setting or use low heat
  • Gently iron over item without pressing down

Pro: Quick and effective for touch-ups

Con: Can damage silk if too hot or pressed too firmly

silk ironing perfection with cotton layer

Wrinkle Release Spray

Pro: No heat risk, convenient for travel

Con: Results not as dramatic as steam or iron

spritzing silk for stain cleaning

How to Quickly Unwrinkle Mulberry Silk

When you’re on the go and need to quickly unwrinkle a silk top or dress, try these portable solutions:

  • Pack a small garment steamer. Lightweight handheld versions like the Joy Mangano My Little Steamer are perfect.
  • Use a spray like Downy Wrinkle Releaser or Best Press Touch-Up Spray. The spray helps relax fibers.
  • Have silk items professionally dry cleaned. Most dry cleaners use steam and pressure to remove wrinkles.
  • For a quick fix, hang item in bathroom while showering for 5-10 minutes. The steam helps relax wrinkles.
silk draping in steam shower

Can I Iron Mulberry Silk?

You can safely iron mulberry silk using proper precautions:

  • Correct Temperature Setting: Use medium or low heat. I recommend silk or delicate settings between 280°F – 300°F. Too much heat damages silk.
  • Protective Layers: Place silk item between two clean cotton cloths before ironing to prevent shine loss and friction damage.
  • No Pressure: Glide iron over garment lightly without pressing down to prevent imprinting seam lines.
  • Steam Function: Use steam setting and steam bursts to relax wrinkles efficiently with less friction.
silk specific iron temperature setting
silk ironing with cotton press cloth layer
precision ironing of silk with cotton layer

I actually don’t recommend ironing silk frequently since heat can weaken fibers over time or cause sheen loss. Consider steaming or dry cleaning instead for regular wrinkle removal.

How to Prevent Mulberry Silk From Wrinkling

Prevention is key when it comes to keeping mulberry silk wrinkle-free. Follow these best practices:


  • Store silk items folded in breathable cotton or silk garment bags
  • Refold and rearrange items periodically
  • Hang long silk dresses on wide, padded hangers


  • Wear slips under silk dresses and skirts
  • Choose silk blends that include wrinkle-resistant fibers like polyester
  • Bring a portable steamer when traveling with silk clothing
green and white mulberry silk weave

How to Keep Mulberry Silk From Wrinkling While Wearing

Maintaining a pristine, wrinkle-free look in mulberry silk through a long day or event can be tricky. Here are my top practical tips:

  • Select styles with structure like cocktail dresses over flowy maxi dresses which wrinkle more easily
  • Layer with smooth fabrics like jersey knits rather than wrinkly cottons or linens
  • Carry Downy Wrinkle Releaser in your bag for quick touch-ups
  • Steam or iron just prior to getting dressed
  • Travel with a portable steamer or wrinkle-releasing spray

For example, if I were wearing a silk blouse to the office, I would layer it under a smooth cardigan and bring a mini steamer in case it starts to wrinkle after sitting at my desk all day.

black mulberry silk bolt

What Are The Disadvantages of Mulberry Silk?

While I adore mulberry silk, it definitely has some disadvantages to consider:

  • Wrinkles easily – requires more careful laundering and maintenance
  • Expensive – costs substantially more than polyester or cotton
  • Hand wash or dry clean only – can’t simply throw it in the wash which is less convenient
  • Sensitive to sunlight, moisture, and oils – can weaken or stain over time with wear

Mulberry silk wrinkles much more readily than fabrics like polyester, cotton, or microfiber blends. It also needs gentler care and costs around 10x more!

For comparison, a basic cotton t-shirt may cost around $10, while a high-quality silk top can cost $100 or more.

The investment piece silk top simply requires more babying with steaming, dry cleaning, and delicate handling.

Understanding the elasticity of mulberry silk helped me know how to care for it properly.

blue and beige mulberry silk texture

What is the best way to store mulberry silk clothing long-term to prevent wrinkles?

The best method for long-term storage is to neatly fold mulberry silk items in acid-free tissue paper, place them inside breathable cotton storage boxes, and store the boxes in a cool, dark place.

The darkness will prevent light damage, the acid-free tissue paper will prevent yellowing from pollution/acids, and the breathable cotton will allow airflow to prevent moisture buildup that causes wrinkling.

I recommend archival-quality boxes from companies like Archivart – they are designed for long term storage of delicate fabrics.

Exploring how long mulberry silk can last revealed some interesting facts about its longevity.

Can I put mulberry silk clothing in one of those space saver storage bags to save room?

I do not recommend storing mulberry silk items long-term in vacuum storage bags. The compression can imprint wrinkles into the fabric which can be difficult to remove later. 

Vacuum bags are also fully air tight, which prevents airflow and can trap moisture against the silk. This leads to a higher likelihood of wrinkles, yellowing, and staining over time.

If using space saver bags, limit mulberry silk storage to a few months maximum.

black mulberry silk textile piece

Will mulberry silk wrinkle less over time and with more wear?

Interestingly, brand new untreated mulberry silk tends to wrinkle more easily at first.

As you wear and care for the silk items, natural oils from your skin help condition the fibers, allowing them to bounce back better after wrinkling.

Think of it like breaking in a new pair of leather shoes – the material molds and shapes from use.

So you may notice your favorite mulberry silk blouse holds less wrinkles compared to when you first bought it.

But delicate care is still essential – once the fibers weaken too much from damage, they lose all resilience against wrinkles.

I spilled red wine on my silk dress – will dry cleaning remove both stains and wrinkles?

Dry cleaning is an effective way to tackle both red wine stains and wrinkles in mulberry silk. 

Most dry cleaners use chemical solvents that can break down and remove stubborn wine stains without damaging delicate silk fibers.

The dry cleaning process also includes steaming and pressing that should eliminate any wrinkles.

However, with red wine, it’s best not to let stains set so take the dress for cleaning as soon as possible.

black mulberry silk textile


So does mulberry silk wrinkle easily? After extensive first-hand testing, I can confirm silk is extremely prone to wrinkles due to its delicate, flexible fibers.

However, armed with the proper care and preparation tips, you can maintain the beautiful appearance of mulberry silk.

My advice is to embrace the wrinkles as part of silk’s natural charm!

With some strategic steaming and accessorizing, mulberry silk is still perfectly practical even for everyday wear.

I encourage you to invest in this luxurious fabric – your wardrobe is worth the added bit of care.

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