Can Mulberry Silk Get Wet? Essential Tips for Silk Care

I’m often asked if expensive mulberry silk items can get wet. As a fashion expert who loves working with delicate fabrics like silk, I totally understand the concern.

No one wants to accidentally ruin their favorite silk blouse or dress with water exposure.

Throughout this article, I’ll share my top tips for handling wet mulberry silk, washing guidelines so you can clean it safely, ways to prevent water damage, and common myths to ignore.

My goal is to equip you with the knowledge to keep your mulberry silk looking luxurious for years to come. Let’s dive in!

delicate hand wash white silk scarf

What Happens When Mulberry Silk Gets Wet

Mulberry silk undergoes some immediate changes when it gets wet:

  • The fabric loses its sheen and luster temporarily
  • It becomes heavier as it absorbs moisture
  • Wrinkles and creases may form as the fabric distorts

However, these changes are reversible once the silk dries. With proper care, wet mulberry silk can return to its previous pristine state.

  • When compared to other silks, mulberry silk is quite durable against water. Its tightly woven structure helps minimize permanent damage.
  • Other fabrics like chiffon or georgette can become permanently discolored or misshapen when wet. Mulberry silk maintains its integrity better if handled properly.

So rest assured – a little water won’t completely ruin mulberry silk. But you still need to act fast when it happens.

white silk scarf careful soaking

Practical Steps for Handling Wet Mulberry Silk

If your mulberry silk garment gets splashed or soaked, follow these steps:

  • Blot excess moisture immediately with a clean, dry towel. Don’t rub or scrub vigorously. Use a gentle pressing motion.
  • Avoid wringing or twisting the fabric – this can stretch the silk permanently. Handle it very gently while wet.
  • Find a flat, non-abrasive surface to lay the garment flat for drying. A towel or garment rack works well.
  • Always air dry mulberry silk. Never put it in the dryer! The heat can shrink or damage silk.
  • Allow it to dry naturally out of direct sunlight. Sunlight can fade dyes. Dry in a shaded area with good airflow.
  • Check on the garment and smooth out any new wrinkles as it dries. This prevents deep creases from setting.
  • Once completely dry, gently steam or iron on the inside if needed to remove any remaining wrinkles.

By following these guidelines, you can salvage a wet mulberry silk piece and bring it back to its original state.

The key is gentleness – let it air dry slowly without any twisting, heat, or excess pressure.

If you’re curious about the shrinkage of mulberry silk, my guide covers everything you need to know.

beige mulberry silk fabric yardage

Cleaning Mulberry Silk: When and How to Wash

You don’t need to wash mulberry silk frequently, but occasional washing is fine if done properly. Here are my tips:

Hand Wash vs. Machine Wash

  • Whenever possible, hand wash mulberry silk. This allows you to control the temperature, agitation, and to treat stains immediately.
  • If machine washing, use a gentle cycle in cool or lukewarm water. Never use hot!

I’ve always wondered if mulberry silk can be machine washed, and here’s what I discovered.


  • Avoid regular laundry detergents. The chemicals and fragrances are too harsh for silk.
  • Use a gentle soap or silk wash. My favorites are The Laundress Delicate Wash and Heritage Park Laundry Detergent (link to Amazon).
  • Wash dark colors separately to prevent any dye transfer.
heritage park silk detergent silk clothes cleaning

Washing Instructions

Follow these steps to keep mulberry silk looking fresh:

  1. Pre-treat any stains or heavily soiled areas. Spot clean as needed with a small amount of mild detergent.
  2. Fill a sink or basin with cool water and add a capful of silk wash. Agitate the garment very gently in the water.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with clean water until all soap residue is removed. Important!
  4. Gently press water out with towels. Be extremely delicate so you don’t stretch the wet silk.
  5. Lay flat on towels to air dry out of direct sunlight. Smooth out wrinkles periodically.
  6. Once fully dry, steam or gently iron inside out to remove any lingering wrinkles.
cleanse silk of tea stains
gentle blotting for silk stains
beige silk fabric careful handwash
towel drying gently beige silk
beige silk steam treatment
silk fabric drying post steaming

And voila! Your mulberry silk will look refreshed and renewed after a gentle wash.

Pro Tip: Take mulberry silk pieces to the dry cleaner every 6-12 months for a professional press. This helps maintain their shape and luster between washes.

Preventing Water Damage to Mulberry Silk

While quality mulberry silk is durable against water, you’ll help it last by taking a few preventative measures:

  • Store silk properly when not in wear – use breathable garment bags to protect from dust and moisture.
  • Spot clean as needed to prevent heavy soiling that requires full washing.
  • Apply silk protectant sprays to guard against rain and spills. Reapply after each wash.
  • Handle delicate silks carefully and avoid exposure to liquids when possible. Accidents happen but be mindful!
beige mulberry silk weave

Common Myths About Mulberry Silk and Water

Over the years in fashion, I’ve heard some misguided care advice about silk. Let’s clear up a few common myths:

Getting mulberry silk wet will ruin it forever.Mulberry silk is quite durable against water if cared for properly after. With gentle handling during drying and washing, wet silk can return to new.
You should never wash silk or expose it to water.While heavy washing isn’t needed, gentle washing actually helps refresh mulberry silk and can extend its life!
Heat from hairdryers or irons will damage wet silk.On cool settings, both hairdryers and irons can safely remove wrinkles from dried silk without harming the fabric.

The key is knowing the right techniques – like air drying first, using low heat tools, and avoiding harsh detergents. Don’t be scared to wash your silk!

blue and white mulberry silk texture

Expert Tips for Keeping Mulberry Silk Lustrous

As a textile conservationist, I often advise luxury fashion clients on keeping heirloom silks pristine. Here are my top professional recommendations:

  • Hand wash only – it’s the gentlest cleaning method for delicate silk fabric.
  • Store properly between wears – keep silk in breathable garment bags, away from direct light.
  • Avoid makeup and perfume residues – switch to cleansing waters instead of oil-based removers which can stain silk permanently over time.
  • See a specialist for stubborn stains or repairs – professional textile cleaners have specialty techniques and tools.

With some basic preventative care, your mulberry silk pieces can stay vibrant for many years of wear.

For personalized recommendations, many dry cleaning establishments offer free silk consultations.

blue and white mulberry silk fabric

Can I use mulberry silk bedding if I sweat at night?

Yes, mulberry silk bedding is an excellent choice for hot sleepers. Silk has natural wicking properties that pull moisture away from your skin rather than absorbing it.

I recommend 100% mulberry silk pillowcases and sheets to keep you cool and comfortable. To care for sweat-exposed silk bedding:

  • Wash monthly in cold water on a gentle cycle using a tiny amount of mild detergent
  • Always air dry the silk completely out of direct sunlight
  • Use a silk protectant spray after washing to guard from body oils and lotions

With proper care, mulberry silk bedding holds up beautifully against night sweats. The smooth fabric prevents sleep creases on your skin too!

black mulberry silk fabric bundle

Is it safe to wear mulberry silk during rainstorms?

Sudden rainstorms happen, but with precautions, mulberry silk clothing can survive them intact.

I suggest applying a protective waterproofing spray prior to wearing silk items outside.

The nano-technology forms an invisible barrier against raindrops. If your silk does happen to get doused, follow these steps:

  • Seek shelter immediately and carefully blot wet areas
  • Allow the silk to fully air dry once home
  • Use a hairdryer on a cool setting to accelerate drying as needed
  • Steam or gently iron inside-out after drying to smooth out wrinkles

A good waterproofing spray prepares your silk for surprise showers. And proper handling after exposure helps restore its like-new look.

Is it safe to apply hair products while wearing mulberry silk?

I’m very cautious about wearing mulberry silk blouses or dresses when styling my hair.

Many hair products contain oils, silicones, and alcohols that can permanently mark delicate silk fabric if spilled.

My recommendation is to apply all hair styling products BEFORE putting on your silk clothing. This prevents damaging drips.

green and beige mulberry silk texture

Key Takeaways for Mulberry Silk Care

To sum up everything we covered:

  • Mulberry silk can get wet but needs gentle handling while drying to prevent permanent damage. Air dry away from direct sunlight.
  • Occasionally hand wash mulberry silk using mild silk detergent in cool water. Always air dry silks instead of machine drying.
  • Store silk properly between wears and apply protectants to guard against water damage from rain or spills.
  • Many common fears about washing silk are unfounded myths. Gentle washing can benefit mulberry silk.
  • With preventative storage methods and proper handling when wet, mulberry silk will retain its luxury sheen and drape for years.

I hope these mulberry silk care tips give you confidence to keep your pieces pristine! Let me know if you have any other fabric care questions. I’m always happy to help.

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